Romantic Couple

Intent is a bespoke matchmaking service for the  African Diasporan Working Professional.


Our mission is to connect likeminded professionals who desire to date within their culture. Individuals who would love to find their life partner but find it challenging to juggle their career and exist in the current landscape of online dating.

Although online dating has and continues to bring many people success, we have found that there is a subset of people who fall within the following groups:

  • Been online but now overwhelmed with the choice and transient nature of it

  • Tired of the online connections that seem stuck on the first "hi"

  • Busy building your career but do want to find a life partner

  • Tired of spending multiple conversations trying to subtly work into the conversation the 'filter' questions only to find out that you are not aligned

  • Not a fan of the online dating process and struggling to find desired partners in your social circles


Intent seeks to take the pain and time out of sourcing potential mates.

We will utilize science backed methods to suggest potential partners for you. But it doesn't stop there, before you go on your first meet - we will ensure you are mentally ready to embark on an intentional relationship.